Election Day

​We have burned the churches and killed all the saints.

Painted over progress in pigments of nothing more than red and white,

set humanity’s flag alight with gasoline. 

Aren’t you angry? 

Aren’t you sweat pouring, balled fists, aching to change this rage?

Isn’t there a shark in your throat 

made of only teeth? 

Aren’t you exhausted? 

Ceaseless gun shots, drone drops, 

think I need another night off just

to process this shite. 


am a dedicated feminist, half assed activist,

so I guess I was never the key


but it can’t just be me. Surely,

I can’t be the only one to believe that women need a voice, 

Queers need a voice, 

the disabled need a voice,

people of colour need a voice. 

This is not a revolutionary statement, it’s supposed to be democracy,

but we are still having this conversation in 2016 so

maybe it’s a revolution we need. 
Well in that case,

Sign me the fuck up. 

Cause I truly, in my heart, believe that we are better than this. 

We have to be

better than this. 

We can’t continue down the same bloody roads as our forefathers 

and pretend 

we haven’t left scars instead of footsteps.
Are you listening? 

Is anyone


Cause if you really opened your ears, all you’d hear are bloody screams. 

This isn’t about Donald Trump, but what he means.

Women do not have to consent to sexual acts.

It is acceptable to call every Mexican a rapist. 

Healthcare doesn’t matter.

Black Lives do not matter. 

Queer communities do not matter. 

I am

so sorry. 

It’s not as if the UK is bliss, 

but after all of this, you look

like you need a hug. 
I think we all do. 

So come here, share a drink with me, 

we’ll salvage our humanity in tiny sips and in whispered quips

we’ll remember what life is really supposed to be. 

A human experience. 

Full of bad luck and fuck ups but ultimately 

about helping each other. 
Donald Trump, they have put you in a position of power.


Don’t fuck it up.


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